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The experience gained in the field of sealing systems, along with the company's goal of improving service, has driven us not only to a constant qualitative research of products but also to market over 35,000 coded items, always available in our approximately 1200 square meters warehouse. This is done with the aim of reducing the logistical costs for our customers.

Sixten manages all slow-selling (low-flow) products to ensure that fast-selling (high-flow) goods do not get congested in their path.

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The "Make Today" technology, with CNC Machining lathe, is implemented in the company to produce custom-designed seals tailored for you and often hard to find, with fast turnaround times thanks to our specialized technicians.

We manufacture commercial gasket profiles with over 100 state-of-the-art compounds suitable for various applications (FDA, MOCA, KTW, WRAS, NSF, UE10/2011, NORSOK, EU1935/2004).

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Work safety and health, as regulated by Italian law, involves the implementation of numerous measures to protect workers. SIXTEN relies on external entities for the continuous monitoring of these aspects.

SSL (safety and health at work), besides being a legal and social obligation, is an economic advantage and a fundamental component of a company's success.

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Quality laboratory

The ISO 9001-2015 certification in the year 2019 was enhanced by acknowledging the new quality control activity as the 3D MVP scanner, assisted by the CAD center. This scanner is capable of recreating, analyzing, documenting, and even better, rendering and animating surfaces, point clouds, and polygonal meshes to definitively solve the problem and recreate the perfect seal.

In our laboratory, we have the most sophisticated means of control, both mechanical and photographic.

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