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SIXTEN s.r.l.

We specialize in Gaskets, Scrapers, Seals, Rotary Seals, Static Seals, and Dynamic Seals for Hydraulics and Pneumatics. Feel free to contact us for any doubts or information requests; we will be happy to share our superior know-how and suggest the best solution for your needs!

We have developed a dynamic technical organization that is at your complete service by phone for NINE hours a day: experience, passion, dedication, and expertise.

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How we work

SiXten srl has always pursued the complete satisfaction of its customers through the conduct of its entrepreneurial activities. Through the development of a quality management system, the aim is to refine processes, establish work and communication methodologies among various functions, and define activities that govern the exchange of information between the customer and the company.

Therefore, the following objectives are intended to be pursued:

a) Ensure the complete satisfaction of our customers by leveraging our extensive experience in the industry to identify and satisfy all their needs.

b) Establish SiXten as a benchmark in the gaskets and sealing systems sector, enhancing its professionalism and competitiveness.

c) Continuously improve the range of products and services offered by studying and evaluating innovations proposed by the sealing systems market.

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What we provide

Industrial applications

We offer various solutions for different sectors, including:

  • The Nautical sector,

  • Mobile Hydraulics,

  • Automotive,

  • Mechanical Workshops,

  • Food, Pharmaceutical, and Cosmetic Companies.

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Where we are


The experience gained in the field of sealing systems, along with the company's goal of improving service, has driven us to engage in constant qualitative research of products. We have also expanded our offerings to include over 35,000 coded items, always available in our approximately 1200 square meters warehouse. This is done to reduce the logistical costs for our customers.

Sixten manages all slow-selling (low-flow) products in a way that fast-selling (high-flow) goods do not get congested in their path.

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