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Quality laboratory

The ISO 9001-2015 certification in 2019 was implemented by recognizing the new control and quality activity as a 3D MVP scanner supported by the CAD center, able to recreate, analyze, document and even better render, animate surfaces, point clouds and polygon mesh to definitively solve the problem and recreate the perfect seal. In our laboratory there are the most sophisticated means of control, both mechanical and photographic. 

Scanner in a box 3D 4.0 with structured light. Resolution / Accuracy: up to 0.1% accurate to the scanned object. Mesh density: up to 10 million vertices per model

Measure –X 3D high definition digital color camera with a LED lighting system with passing diascopic light, light front and ring-shaped LED sector light.

Rhinoceros® modeling tools for designing 3D models using NURBS geometry.

Photo set Light - box at LED

Stand with shore digital durometer A / D / E hardness with Sh. TO

Macro Lens with electric rotary table

Canon EOS 2000D with Macro lenses