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Quality policy

It is the combination of all those characteristics that give a product or service the ability to meet expressed needs.

SiXten srl has always pursued the complete satisfaction of its customers through the conduct of its entrepreneurial activities. Through the development of a quality management system, the aim is to refine processes, establish work and communication methodologies among various functions, and define activities that govern the exchange of information between the customer and the company. Therefore, the following objectives are intended to be pursued:

a) Ensure the complete satisfaction of our customers by leveraging our extensive experience in the industry to identify and satisfy all their needs.

b) Establish SiXten as a benchmark in the gaskets and sealing systems sector, enhancing its professionalism and competitiveness.

c) Continuously improve the range of products and services offered by studying and evaluating innovations proposed by the sealing systems market.

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Product traceability

A strategic and non-negotiable objective for SiXten is to ensure the origin of components to the customer through a traceability system. The traceability system allows for the history of the product through a system that utilizes tracked and recorded information throughout all production phases.

Every material sleeve and the resulting gasket undergo strict quality control criteria.

It is required during the ordering phase:

  • The origin of the material
  • Product conformity certificates with the respective production batch, ensuring complete traceability.


FDA (Food and Drug Administration) USA / 177-2600, CFR 21) KTW (Kunstoffe und Trinkwasser) contact with drinking water

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Research and Development

Sixten srl is the comprehensive partner for future technologies. The evolution in all technological fields necessitates the exploration of new technologies that meet the most demanding market needs. In the global market, where dynamics move at the speed of the internet, competitiveness and innovation are essential elements to earn customer preference and, above all, loyalty. Sixten srl aims to promote and disseminate the spirit of innovation, pursuing continuous improvement and embracing the motto.

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Optimizing processes means continuously improving to efficiently tackle the challenges of the present and, especially, the future. That's why SIXTEN has always focused on a picking system during order preparation that virtually eliminates every possibility of error while maintaining high-speed and quality packaging standards.

The latest innovation has been the introduction of optical reading handheld devices, coupled with a perfectly dedicated application. This allows the operator to trace the entire chain of picked items, from the Order Confirmation to the final Delivery Document (DDT).

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Sales conditions


1.1 – These general terms and conditions govern all current and future relationships between the parties related to the supply of components for hydraulic and pneumatic systems, as well as products in general, by SIXTEN s.r.l. Unipersonale. They must be coordinated with any special conditions agreed in writing by the parties and included in the written order acceptance confirmation from the Supplier.

1.2 - Unless specifically approved in writing by SIXTEN s.r.l. Unipersonale (hereinafter "Supplier"), any general or special conditions different from those reported or referred to by the buyer (hereinafter "Customer") in their communications to the Supplier are deemed ineffective.


2.1 - The supply contract is perfected with the Supplier's written order acceptance confirmation (Order Confirmation).

2.2 - However, if the conditions stated in the Customer's order differ from those in the Supplier's written confirmation, the latter shall be considered a new proposal, and the contract is deemed perfected when the Customer begins written execution or, failing to receive anything within 3 working days, is considered accepted in all its parts.

2.3 - Any offers from the Supplier are considered valid only for the period indicated on them and exclusively for the complete supply of what is quoted therein. In the absence of an express indication of the duration of the Supplier's offer, it will be considered expired and non-binding for the Supplier once 30 days have passed from the date of dispatch, unless otherwise declared by the Supplier.

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