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Industrial applications

We offer various solutions for different sectors, covering:

  • The Nautical sector,

  • Mobile Hydraulics,

  • Automotive,

  • Mechanical Workshops,

  • Food, Pharmaceutical, and Cosmetic Companies.

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Sealing systems

I nostri punti strategici includono:

• Assistenza nella progettazione, commercializzazione e post-vendita.

• Elevatissimi standard di qualità certificati e certificazione dei prodotti.

• Massima attenzione al cliente e totale disponibilità con servizio di qualità.

• Kanban.

• Tecnologia all’avanguardia con la ricerca continua di profili geometrici e materiali innovativi.

• Wave Picking.

• Make Today ® produzione personalizzata.

• Oltre 35.000 articoli codificati pronti in magazzino, consegna immediata o programmata.

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Make today

We have the most modern 3D CAD modeling tools at our disposal, and we can develop a wide range of electronic formats, including STEP, IGES, PARASOLID, DXF, DWG, and many others.

Our laboratory offers a wide range of services and analyses.

We custom design what you need and manufacture it using our CNC Machining SML 500 numerical control. We can produce up to a diameter of 1800mm.

All compounds used undergo stages of control, compliance, and traceability.

Our technical office is capable of providing you with all the certificates according to the most important regulations, such as the European EU195/2004 regulation.

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